Zero Waste Resources

Toss your garbage habit out with these tips for a less wasteful life-style!


Plastic Pollution Coalition

An approachable introduction for the problem with plastics.

Trash is for Tossers

A pioneer in the Zero-Waste movement, Lauren Singer shows us it’s easy and hip to live with less waste. You can also check out Lauren’s Ted Talk on her Zero-Waste Lifestyle.

No Trash Project

In efforts towards re-evaluating our current system of quantity over quality, Colleen Doyle documents her creative shift towards a Zero-Waste Lifestyle. This blog includes clean and curated photos, a how-to guide for making your own seed-filled recycled paper, and recipes for homemade tortillas to skin lotion.

Life Without Plastic

This one-stop-shop for Zero-Waste tools also provides loads of information and enough external links to become a zero-waste pro in no time.

Wild Minimalist

A blog and online shop for anything zero-waste from non-toxic beauty product reviews to plastic-free kitchen tools. A convenient resource to take action and buy that wooden bristle cleaning brush you’ve always read about.



Thrift & Consignment Shops

By purchasing and donating (or selling!) at thrift and consignment shops, you're increasing the lifetime of clothes. This keeps clothing out of landfills and money in your wallet! If your clothing is damaged beyond any continued wear, we recommend the clothing recycling program at H&M.