How to Sort Your Waste


VCU utilizes a single-stream recycling system. This means that all recylable material can be placed in the same bin. Glass, metal, hard-plastic, paper, and cardboard should all be placed in the same blue-liner recycling bin. 

Food-waste, plastic bags, styrofoam, soiled paper, wrappers, and coffee cups are not recylable at VCU and should be placed in the clear-liner landfill bin.

Food-waste contaminates the recycling. Food contaminated glass, metal, and plastic should all be rinsed before being placed in the recycling bin. If food-waste contamination can not be removed, the item should be placd in the landfill bin. 

Blue deskside-recyling bins are serviced three times every week, if your office does not have one, put in a ticket at Facilities Self Service and one will be provided to you. Deskside-landfill bins are not supported by the university and are the responsibility of the office occupant. These deskside-landfill bins should be emptied into the full size landfill bins located centrally in offices.