Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As a signatory of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, Virginia Commonwealth University committed to developing a climate action plan aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions on campus.

The plan is divided into three primary target areas:

  • Scope 1 (direct) – Emissions from the power sources owned or controlled by VCU, including on-campus stationary fossil fuel sources; mobile sources, such as the vehicle fleet; and fugitive sources, such as refrigerants and fertilizer
  • Scope 2 (indirect) – Purchased electricity consumed by VCU
  • Scope 3 (indirect) – Any other indirect emissions, including commuting by faculty, staff and students, air travel by faculty, paper, solid waste, wastewater, research animals and scope two transmission and distribution losses

As part of the climate action plan, VCU established baseline greenhouse gas emission rates and set target dates for reduction goals:

  • Baseline for fiscal year 2008 – 129,744 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent
  • Develop business-as-usual projections – 169,744 MTCDE
  • Interim goal – Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent (111,510 MTCDE) by 2025, which translates to an annual reduction of 3,000 to 4,000 MTCDE over 15 years
  • Final goal – Achieve climate neutrality by 2050

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