Resource Use

VCU’s utilities - including electricity, natural gas, water, sewage and fuel oil – are purchased and managed centrally by the VCU Energy and Utilities department, within Facilities Management

To help VCU conserve resources, below are some actions you can use in your office or residence hall.

  • Turning off unneeded lights
  • Unplugging unneeded appliances and chargers
  • When appropriate, turning off computers or using the energy saving settings
  • Setting thermostats appropriately. In general, cooling set points will be 74 degrees F and heating set points 69 degrees F

During extended breaks, including long weekends, we should be even more viligant in unplugging phantom loads such as:

  • Chargers, radios and other unused devices
  • Shutting down printers, copiers, appropriate computers and fax machines

The building dashboard is a user-friendly way to see and track energy usage in the 25 featured buildings on campus. This feature allows building occupants to track and lower energy use and can be used as a tool to identify problems.