Sustainability in the Residence Halls

VCU housing recognizes the importance of sustainability for our quality of life today and for future generations, and works to continually improve sustainability in the residence halls. Within the residence halls, we strive to be more sustainability by taking the following actions within our facilities:

  • Utilization of single stream recycling in all residence halls, with recycling bins located on each floor in each residence hall;
  • Washing machines in all 9-month residence halls are front-load high efficiency washers, reducing the amount of water used and detergent necessary;
  • All housekeeping chemicals are eco-friendly, with the exception of disinfectant, which is not available in an eco-friendly form;
  • Low-flow and motion-sensor-activated fixtures are installed in the majority of halls;
  • Water bottle filling stations are installed in all new and renovated residence halls, in place of traditional water fountains;
  • Major donation drives are held at the end of each semester to collect unwanted clothing, appliances and household items.  All items are donated to Goodwill;
  • New residence halls are built to LEED Silver certification, meaning:
    • All water fixtures (toilets, urinals, showers and bathroom and kitchen sinks) are low-flow;
    • All washing machines are high efficiency machines; and,
    • Low-emitting paints and coatings are used during the building process.

To learn more about how your residence hall is practices sustainability principles, and how you can be sustainability in your residence hall, see here: