The VCU Office of Sustainability is involved in a variety of events all over campus throughout the year. Below is a list of events our office hosts specifically. 


Campus Sustainability Day & Earth Day

Sustainability at VCU is so nice, we celebrate it twice.

We celebrate sustainability all year at VCU, but we have our two flagship events with Campus Sustainability Day in the fall and Earth Day in the spring.

Campus Sustainability Day and Earth Day both serve as national celebrations of sustainability in higher education.  The goal of the events are to spread awareness about how VCU is working hard towards a more sustainable environment through our aggressive recycling efforts, adopting LEED green building standards and reducing electricity and water usage.

VCU celebrated our inaugural Campus Sustainability Day in 2010, and identified four campus sustainability themes: energy, mobility, food and waste.  Campus Sustainability Day is in October, usually on the Friday of VCU Family Weekend.  Earth Day at VCU is held the week of April 22nd.

We host workshops, informational tables and demonstrations from departments across the university and the Richmond community.

Keep an eye on the VCU Sustainability facebook for information on the next Campus Sustainability Day and Earth Day at VCU.


Great Bike Roundup

The Great Bike Roundup is a long-standing bike event held every semester by VCU RamBikes and Parking and Transportation, with collaboration with VCU Sustainability.  At this event, you will find free bike repair, informational tables, bike registration and giveaways such as helmets and lights, and much more!  Come learn the ins and outs of cycling in town and at VCU!  Check out the VCU Sustainability facebook for the next Great Bike Roundup.


Campus ConseRVAtion Nationals

Campus ConseRVAtion Nationals (CCN) is a competition in which colleges and universities, around the United States and Canada, compete for the greatest reduction in residence hall electricity use over the course of three weeks.

VCU held our first Campus ConseRVAtion Nationals (CCN) competition in 2013 with VCU residence halls competing against each other and VCU as a school competing against University of Richmond.  VCU again competed in 2014 against University of Richmond and in 2015 competed against University of Richmond and Old Dominion University.

The CCN competition offers valuable educational opportunities, such as enabling students to teach themselves conservation behaviors, as well as environmental and economic benefits to university campuses.  Additionally, VCU’s participating in this competition helps to highlight the Building Dashboards installed in all but a few of the campus’ residence halls.  Meters provide real-time readouts on electricity consumption, enabling competitors to see up-to-the-minute statistics and standings by campus and by individual building.

On campus, there are three levels to which VCU students are competing:

  • Dorm vs. Dorm: Which dorm is the most energy efficient on campus?
  • VCU vs. U of R vs. ODU: Which Virginia university can reduce the most energy use?
  • VCU vs. the nation (and Canada): Where will VCU place among the 185 participating schools?

Are you a student living in one of VCU’s competing dorms?  Remember to switch off your lights when you leave your room and unplug phone/computer chargers and printers when not in use to help save energy.  Little actions add up to a big difference in this competition and throughout the year.

Visit the Building Dashboard to see our standings from the 2015 competition and VCU’s real-time energy use.