Alternative Transportation

Virginia Commonwealth University encourages students, faculty and staff to utilize alternative forms of transportation such as biking, walking and carpooling to commute throughout campus and the Richmond area to reduce their environmental footprint. Continue reading to learn more about alternative transportation opportunities.

For a full overview of the alternative transportation options and benefits, visit

RamBikesYellow bikes lined up inside the RamBikes shop

VCU RamBikes is dedicated to promoting bicycling as a safe, fun, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation alternative for the VCU campus community. RamBikes is a campus resource guide for biking enjoyment and safety at VCU. RamBikes also serves the Richmond community in a number of ways including free work shops, ride programming for k-12 Richmonders, bike program consultation, mobile bike repair on and off campus, and programs for youth in its shop.

Visit the RamBikes website for more information.

GRTC Program

All VCU, VCU Health System and Virginia Premier students and employees have unlimited transportation access on GRTC's Pulse Bus Rapid Transit, local and express routes thanks to a multi-year agreement with GRTC.

The GRTC network provides VCU students and employees greater access to VCU, VCU Health and the entire Richmond region. In addition to connecting the Monroe Park and MCV Campuses, students and employees can access doctors, shopping malls, parks, arts, restaurants, community resources and more. Plus, commuters can use GRTC to get to and from campus every day and save money on parking, fuel and tolls. 

Vist the VCU Parking and Transportation website for more information. 


Zipcar is a car-sharing service that offers daily and hourly rentals. VCU employees and students can receive a discounted membership rate. Visit the Zipcar website for more information.